Our Program


Our Philosophy

Aqua Learn to Swim provides a safe, rewarding, fun and educational experience for all participants. Our qualified, committed and passionate swimming instructors care about you and your experience.

Swimming Levels

There are lots of different levels in our program! Each level represents an age group and swimming ability. Students can progress to their next level after they meet the criteria and pass an assessment


Age Range



6 months - 1 year Parent and baby class.


12 months - 2 years Parent and baby class.
Puffin  2 - 3 years Transition class.
3 - 5 years Beginner class.
3 - 5 years Intermediate class.
3 - 5 years Advanced class.
5 - 12 years Beginner class.
5 - 12 years Beginner class (L
Teen Beginner


12 - 16 years


Beginner class.



5 - 12 years Intermediate class.
Sea Lion
5 - 12 years  Intermediate class.



13 - 16 years Intermediate class.
Squid 5 - 12 years Intermediate/Advanced class.
Tiger Shark
5 - 12 years Advanced class.
Blue Whale
5 - 12 years Advanced class.
 Adult Program 16+ years

Beginner, development,

intermediate, advanced

and elite.


ALTS Swim school calendar 2024 FINAL V2.png

Download a pdf version here(PDF, 3MB).

  • Aqua Learn to Swim returns on Monday 29 January.
  • Direct debit payments resume on Thursday 25 January.
  • Classes will continue through the School Holiday periods as per class enrolment
  • Classes will not be held during NSW Public Holidays. Students will not be charged for Public Holidays. 


All accounts are debited fortnightly. The first payment for 2024 will be Thursday 25 January. 

You can view our pricing here.

Lesson Preparation

What do I bring for my swimming lesson?

  • Swim wear.
  • Aqua nappies are compulsory for infant classes. Disposable or swim nappy shorts are fine. Normal nappies must not be worn in the pool.
  • A towel.
  • Hair bands for students with long hair.
  • Appropriate warm clothing and footwear for after your lesson. 

More tips

  • Don't eat or drink a lot directly before a swimming lesson as you may get stomach cramps or be sick.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive before your lesson. This will allow you to be calm and not rushed. You can also go to the toilet beforehand if you need to. 
  • Please be on time, this will help the teacher and other students.
  • NEVER get in the water unless your instructor says so.
  • DO NOT swim if you have had diarrhoea within the past 2 weeks.


ALTS - Assessments.jpg

Swim Abilities

Swim Abilities is designed for students with special needs. The swimming classes are structured to meet the needs of the individual, whilst aiming to achieve basic swim skills. The classes are designed to encourage learning in an exclusive environment. Classes are 30 minutes.

  • Maximum of 2 students per class and participants need to be of similar ability levels
  • Achievement is based on ability.

How do I Book?

Please contact your preferred centre to make a booking.